What happens after the IPL application?

  • IPL laser hair removal applications generally do not affect your daily life and activities. For example, you can receive treatment during the lunch break and then continue your daily life with no or slight visible effects. After treatment, you may feel mild heating or stinging. This is a normal feeling and usually disappears within 1-2 hours. If your skin feels less sensitive, you can make up. In addition, makeup protects the skin from the sun. It is important to treat the skin more sensitively within a few days after treatment. You should avoid using a fiber bath or a hair dryer for an extremely hot shower. Excessive exercise should also be avoided for two days, as excessive sweating may cause redness. We recommend using a high-factor (at least 30 SPF) oil-free sunscreen.

    Is IPL laser hair removal permanent?

    The persistence of hair removal applications is one of the most important agenda items in the cosmetics industry. Years of research and research have been devoted to extending the time after hair removal. Unfortunately, even in the most developed hair removal methods of IPL lasers and other laser systems, the results of permanent aspects vary from person to person. In any case, long-term hair removal may not be guaranteed (at least 2 years). The success of hair removal varies from person to person, as the results vary depending on the region of the same person. On the other hand, 10% of cases have almost no response to the treatment of IPL laser systems/other laser systems. Although IPL laser systems/other laser systems are currently the most durable hair removal, patients should be aware of the possibility of negative results without much expectations.

    How does IPL LASER’s action mechanism work?

    The laser removes hair by observing and destroying substances called melanin, which impart color to the hair. In addition, the IPL laser machine system provides more effective and comprehensive hair removal by losing capillaries that feed the hair.

    However, the hair should be in the growth phase to achieve full impact. In order to capture the growing hair stage, the session interval should not exceed 6 weeks.