Beautiful mother---Are you troubled by stretch marks?

  • What is laser stretch mark removal?

    When we think of stretch marks, we usually associate them with pregnancy. Although this is an event that often causes them, stretch marks may also appear in both sexes of men and women, all ages, and in many parts of the body due to weight gain or simple growth.

    The removal of the laser stretch mark is exactly what it sounds - using a Fractional CO2 Laser machine to remove or reduce the visibility of stretch marks. This procedure is especially the resurfacing of fractional laser skin surfaces. The heat generated by the laser gently destroys damaged tissue and promotes new, smoother skin growth.

    What is laser stretch mark removal?

    What causes stretch marks?

    Our skin is flexible and resilient, and can withstand a lot of stress, allowing us to perform a variety of sports. However, sometimes the skin stretches more than normal or faster, the dermis tears and scars, forming a dermatoglyph, better known as stretch marks. They usually appear as smooth, concave, red or purple parallel stripes of skin that turn pink or white and scarlike over time. In addition, they most often appear on the breasts, buttocks, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and flank.

    Stretch marks are usually the result of one of three factors:

    Weight gain

    - Depending on your skin and body parts, even moderate weight gain can sometimes lead to stretch marks. Significant weight gain and obesity are more likely to cause them.

    Growing eruption

    - The children go through the growth phase and sometimes sprout a few inches in a short period of time. This can cause the skin to stretch too quickly, causing stretch marks.


    - When a woman's abdomen expands to accommodate a growing fetus, the skin of the abdomen - sometimes other parts such as the breasts and buttocks - is stretched and forms stretch marks. Applying a moisturizer to the abdomen, breasts and other areas can sometimes help prevent stretch marks, or at least reduce their appearance.

    How to remove stretch marks?

    With the development of the medical and cosmetic industry, stretch marks can be removed by increasing collagen production, improving skin tone and thickness. Commonly used techniques are laser, microcrystalline grinding, acid skin, and skin graft surgery.

    How to remove laser stretch marks?

    The first step is to have a free consultation, a beautician can check your skin and stretch marks, discuss your goals, and help you decide how to proceed.

    Use a CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine phone to remove laser stretch marks. This is a mild, non-ablative (non-nociceptive) laser that transmits a certain wavelength of laser light that is absorbed by water molecules in the skin. This energy is converted into heat, gently decomposing damaged tissue, and healing the skin by producing collagen and new, even, smooth skin.

    Before the surgery begins, you will wear special glasses to protect your eyes from the laser. Although laser stretch mark removal treatment is usually painless, if your skin is particularly sensitive, we can apply an anesthetic cream to the area in need of treatment to help avoid discomfort. We also use special cooling devices in conjunction with laser phones to keep the skin cool, reduce discomfort and reduce the risk of injury.

    The treatment period can take up to an hour. The time required depends on your skin type, the size and depth of the stretch marks, and the number of areas that need treatment. Based on these factors, laser stretch marks removal is customized for each patient. Some conditions may require multiple sessions to reach the end result. However, you may see some improvements after a session.

    Potential side effects of laser stretch mark removal include, but are not limited to, redness and swelling. With virtually no downtime, you should be able to resume normal daily activities immediately after each meeting.