We have a staff of experienced


    Our company has been offering expertise in the same field for many years throughout the whole China..We have a strict and advanced management that is well-organized. People have started to use plastic products instead of any other materials.com.We have more than 30 techniques in our company for the production of the molds and mold products.The Suzhou Plastic New Way Industry is the front runners in the field of plastic products distributers..

    We have a staff of experienced and hardworking workers. We have new techniques for the manufacture of the products and have an amazing after-sale service. We have noticed that the production of plastic and its products is increasing by time. We have different levels of production line that are proven to be helpful to achieve a certain task within time. Our corporation has achieved a number of milestones from the beginning.

    With this little logic, we have built an empire of plastic products. Plastic costs less, is very light in weight as compared to other materials and are affordable. We can offer a large number of products including Easy lock container, plastic storage box, turnover box, waste bin in China, trash can, Stool chair, Food container and many other products. We specialize in the production, designing and the sale of molds and its products to the clients.plastic-neway. Our company is a member of the lotion bottles manufacturer Chinese logistic technique association, nd Chinese logistic & purchasing association.We aim to offer the best products to the users so that they will purchase items with us again.