These tips make the filling task


    These tips make the filling task spill-free and do not consume much time. Basically, a unicorn bottle is a long clear bottle with a tip like that of a needle. Filling through vacuum method If you are using the vacuum method to fill the unicorn clear bottle you can fill it without opening the cap. The unicorn bottle comes with a narrow tip and comes in best use to fill tanks that have narrow openings. After removing the tip from the bottle, fix a funnel inside.

    This is indeed a quick and easy technique. He also speaks about two different methods of filling the clear bottle, one is through vacuum methods and the other one is funnel method. Some of the bottles come with tight tips as this feature helps in avoiding leakage during use. Filling through funnel method If you are using a funnel to fill the bottle, there is no need to refill it frequently as you will succeed in filling it completely. Place the bottle’s tip inside the e-liquid bottle and discontinue squeezing it. It does have a shortfall vacuum bottles manufacturer as it may be tough to fill the bottle fully through vacuum suction. The author Rayan explains some useful tips to fill Chubby Gorilla clear bottle without spilling it. This way, you can ensure there is no room for any leakage. If the e-liquid remains on top of the funnel lift it for some air to pass through. Some of the easy filling methods have been discussed below. Slowly fill the bottle using the funnel. If you are using a plastic bottle, try holding it upside down without squeezing it. The popular manufacturer of unicorn bottles is Chubby Gorilla.. By doing so, you will see the unicorn bottle returning to its actual shape. Consider the Chubby Gorilla clear bottle and squeeze it to remove maximum air. For those who use vaper, the method to dispense is through a unicorn bottle.

    When you purchase the e-liquids in big quantities, you definitely need a quick solution to dispense the liquid into your tank. So, whenever you wish to move a huge amount of e-liquid from containers, consider clear bottles from chubby Gorilla. Keep a tab on the e-liquid and bottle to avoid overflowing. In order to fill the bottle in this manner, you can use a small funnel that has a stem to fit the top of the bottle. Well, if this trick fails, wiggle the tip with the help of pliers. The Chubby Gorilla clear bottle is available in distinct sizes and clear bottles are referred as gorilla bottles. Therefore, it is best to start by removing your biggest e-liquid bottle. Remove the tip using the unicorn bottle. You can simply consider wrapping the tip using a paper towel for better grip. A unicorn bottle is the best tool when it comes to vaping as using such bottles means that there is no need to carry a huge e-liquid bottle wherever you go. It creates a vacuum and pulls in the e-liquid. Suppose you have a clear bottle, take out the eyedropper by holding the bottle upwards