Powder Metallurgy Production of Stellite Alloy Is a Major Featu


    Stellite Alloy is mainly produced by powder metallurgy production and casting. Mainly used in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, steel industry and so on.

    Conventional products include galvanized production line bushings, bushings, bushings, sleeves, bearings, pump parts, gear bushings, anti-rotation bearings, and more. Production stellite alloy, Shenyang Top New Materials Co., Ltd. has a wealth of experience. So far, thousands of specifications have been produced for use in a variety of industries, all of which are custom-made products.

    Stellite Alloy 6 product features:

    1, high temperature resistance: the use temperature can be as high as 800 ° C, in special cases at 1000 ° C can also be used briefly.

    2, wear resistance: the substrate has a low stacking fault energy and the matrix changes from face-centered cubic to hexagonal close-packed crystal structure under the influence of stress or temperature, while the hexagonal close-packed crystal structure has better wear resistance. . In addition, the content, morphology and distribution of the second phase of the stellite alloy, such as carbides, also have an effect on the wear resistance.

    3, corrosion resistance: can be used in oil wells, mud, acidic environment and some other media.

    The production of powder metallurgy Stellite Alloy 12 is a major feature of our company. At present, there are only a handful of companies in the world who have mastered this technology. Our company has mature production technology and can process and process according to customers' drawings.

    The main products are: woodworking cutting sawtooth tip, copper aluminum hot extrusion die, chemical fiber cutting knife, bushing, PVC extrusion injection mold, medical dental material, chain saw guide lining, stellite alloy ball, valve seat , seal ring, thermocouple protection tube, oilfield drilling impeller, tungsten molybdenum hot forging die, turbocharger fittings, special pump parts, steam turbine blade lining, stellite alloy nozzle, paper industry spare parts, special screw, ball mill Lining, various specifications of the tube and tube.