Every kind of roulette wheel has wheel hub bearings

  • Every kind of roulette wheel has wheel hub bearings, a table layout where you can place your bets, and of course the number where the ball lands up after the spin will qualify for a winning. But the house edge and the arrangement of the numbers vary between the European and the American Roulette greatly.

    Both of these roulette wheels from a distant look seem to be more or less the same; however, they are not the same.  The single zero and the double zero feature will be there only in the American Roulette.  There are going to be 37 numbers playable in the European roulette and there will be 38 numbers playable in the American Roulette because of the 0, 00.

    There is also going to be a slight difference in the way the numbers are arranged in these two wheels and you got to understand them. This is important for you to not confuse your play by applying the same kind of strategies in the American roulette and the European roulette without recollecting the fact that the arrangement of the numbers is indeed different between them.

    When you are placing your bets in the roulette wheel there is no restriction that you have to place your bet on just one number.  As far as roulette is concerned you can place your bets in just one number or in a group of numbers. However, the kind of payout that you will get if you win in a said bet will differ greatly.

     Straight up betting is also known as the single number betting where you will place your bet on the possibility of one number hitting the spin.  The payoff for this bet is 35:1 for the kind of high risk involved in single number betting.

     In split betting you will place the bet in the table layout between two adjacent numbers. The payout will be 17:1.

     Corner bets pay 8:1 and this will indicate betting on 4 numbers at a time. You will get the payout if any one of the indicated 4 numbers shows up after the spin.

     Street bets pay 11:1 and you will pay if one of the 3 numbers show up in the spin.

     In six line bet you will bet on 6 numbers with 3 numbers in each row. The pay out is 5:1.

     There are going to be some special forms of street bets in the American and European Variants and you got to check in the casino where you are playing at.

    You can also make other kinds of bets like the odd/even bets, red/black bets, column/dozen bets and high/low bets.

    For either of the online roulette you will be placing your bets by clicking on the value of the chips and then clicking it in the appropriate boxes in the table layout and then hitting on the spin button. After the results show up, if you win the money will be credited to your account and you can start over again with the next spin by repeating the process.