State-of-the-art technology combines with cutting edge

  • State-of-the-art technology combines with cutting edge design to produce one of the most unique and functional strollers out there. You get what you pay for and while these strollers are costly, they are versatile to the point where you won't need to buy other strollers.In 1994 designer Max Barenburg and his brother-in-law, physician Eduard Zanen, tried to sell their idea of a functional, stylish and versatile baby stroller that focused on mothers, fathers and babies to stroller manufacturers.  

    The Bugaboo Bee sells for $529.99 and Cameleon for $899. Bugaboo Bee The Bee is the smallest out of the three in the Bugaboo stroller lineup. The Bugaboo strollers redefine design, style and functionality while offering simple solutions to all of your stroller needs.  To further add to versatility, the Bugaboo stroller's handlebar is reversible so the baby can face either way.  In our opinion, while the extra features on the Cameleon are nice, they Frog is basically the same for a much lower price.  Place the handle bar so the two 12" wheels are forward for rough terrain or two 6" wheels forward for maneuvering through tight spaces. 

     What we liked: 2 fixed 6" and 2 swivel 6" wheels for quick and easy maneuverability Carrying handle for easy folded transport Reversible seat Fits most major car seats to turn into a Travel System Foam filled tires for better suspension 4-wheeled independent suspension What we didn't like: Adjustable handlebars sometimes stick and can be difficult to use Some folding issues when seat is facing you Bugaboo Frog The first model introduced by Bugaboo strollers in 1999, the bulkhead light versatile Frog gained popularity after celebrity parents became some of it's first fans.  Made from strong and durable aluminum alloy, it weighs in at a light 17lbs and can carry a child up to 37lbs.  They were turned down, but believed in their designs so much they began to manufacture the strollers themselves.99, the Frog for $759. 

    They look and feel different than any other stroller out there; offering unique designs with you and your baby's needs in mind. If you are looking for a quality stroller that will suit all of your stroller needs and is designed with both you and your baby in mind, we highly recommend Bugaboo strollers. What we liked: Chassis can be altered to unique 2 wheel pushing position for sand/snow Bassinet can be used independently of chassis with it's own carrying bar What we didn't like: Handle bars don't adjust for taller parents Bugaboo Cameleon This Bugaboo stroller is based entirely on the Frog, and is the same except for a few features: Adjustable suspension for a better ride for different sized kids Aerosleep mattress for the seat/ bassinet Adjustable handlebar What we liked: Same things we liked about the Frog, since they are basically the same Adjustable suspension What we didn't like: Seat capacity is 40lbs, compared to 44lbs for the Frog. 

    Their determination paid off, and their Bugaboo strollers are now amongst the best and most popular in the world. Bugaboo strollers are the elite of the stroller industry, and carry a price tag reflecting that.  The line of high end Bugaboo strollers consists of only three strollers; the Bugaboo Bee, Frog and Cameleon.  The Bugaboo Bee comes with the chassis, seat, canopy, instructional DVD, rain cover and 2 year warranty. The Frog comes with a chassis and seat that easily converts to a bassinet, allowing you have both pram and stroller.