Build a better product more cost effectively


    Custom Plastic Fabrication is the process of machining, forming, bending, cutting, polishing and assembling plastic parts from a custom design. Custom plastic fabrication requires that the manufacturer completely understand the application and requirements.

     The requirements can be a detailed CAD drawing or just a rough sketch, as long as the manufacturer understands them. The finished product may be a one-of-a-kind object, or it may be thousands of uniform parts. Plastic is chosen because of its durability and ability to be shaped and molded into virtually any form. Many products are fabricated out of corrosive resistant plastics such as polypropylene, PVC, and polyethylene.

    Plastic is formed using heat to bend the plastic. Sometimes molds are used, and this is called vacuum forming. After the plastic is melted into the mold, a vacuum pumps out all the air from under the mold ensuring a that the plastic is tight against the mold for a perfect part.

    Custom plastic fabrication services also include PPR Sockets welding machines assembling the plastic parts. This requires different types of welding including linear vibration welding, hot plate welding, and infrared and ultrasonic welding to join plastic to plastic, or plastic to metal.

    The fabrication process goes beyond mere engineering; it encompasses a thorough understanding of each client's applications, requirements, expectations, butt welderand budget. The dedicated staff at Lehigh Valley Plastics works with customers to develop and create the best plastic products to meet their specifications, creatively, on time, and within budget. Lehigh Valley Plastics' Fabrication Division is able to cut, bend, glue, weld, route, and polish various types of polymers to create a product - from a one-of-a-kind artistic piece to thousands of commercial or industrial parts.

    At Lehigh Valley Plastics, we believe that finding ways to build a better product more cost effectively is an integral part of the manufacturing process. To accomplish that, we offer full-service plastic fabrication, machining and molding capabilities to meet your needs.