You are on your way to Automobile Parts

  • You are on your way to Automobile Parts work and you feel something weird on the right side of your car, your car is now driving a bit wobbly. You discover that you have a flat tire and now that you are stranded. What do you do now? After reading this, you will know how to change a tire all by yourself.

    You want to always make sure you have a spare with the tools to replace it with in your car. There should be a jack, lug nut wrench, and of course a spare tire. Know where these tools are located and be familiar with them.

    You will need to know how to use a jack, not all jacks are the same. If you have your owners' manual, read this section well. You should do this for all your vehicles.

    Some vehicles have "wheel locks". You will not be able to use a regular lug nut wrench, so make sure you have the "key" if your vehicle does have "wheel locks,"

    Another great tool to keep in your car is a can of "Fix A Flat." This will usually seal the hole and put in enough air to get you to a station.

    Another tip is to have an orange vest on for your protection from oncoming traffic. Now you are ready to learn how to change a tire.

    Once you have the tire lowered back to the ground, tighten the lug nuts with the wrench. Put away your tools along with your flat tire. Now you know how to change a tire, good for you! Bit of advice, before you go anywhere else, best to go have your tire repaired. Happy and Safe Traveling!

    Put the parking brake on and make sure the car is in park. If your car is a manual shift, put it in gear. Put your emergency flashers on to warn oncoming traffic.

    Take all of your tools out and lay them on the ground by the tire. Take out the spare and roll it over by your tools. Don't worry about trying to stay clean, you are going to get dirty doing this job. Pay attention to the next step, this is often done wrong the first time.

    Before you start to jack the car, loosen each lug nut. If you do this after the tire is lifted off the ground, it will just spin. Use the "star" pattern as your loosen them, this will keep the weight properly distributed. This is going to take a lot of strength, so use your body weight to help you. You will need to use your body weight to give you strength needed to loosen the lug nuts.

    Your jack needs to be placed in the appropriate place for your car, may want to recheck your manual. Jack up the car so that you have a couple of inches under the tire.Remove the lug nuts and then the tire. Now time to remove the lug nuts and the tire.

    Place your tire on the bolts making sure the air valve is facing your direction. Again, using the "star"pattern, replace the lug nuts. Before lowering the car, give each lug nut a few turns.

    Now that you know how to change a tire, You can be confident that you will be prepared.