We could think about playing the piano but we will never

  • Thinking often hinders learning. We could think about playing the piano but we will never become better until we start pecking away at the keys. Hinders learning? That flies in the face of most of what we know, doesn't it? As children we were often reproached when we made mistakes: "You just weren't thinking! Don't you ever think about what you're doing?" Then there's the most successful personal development book of all time telling us to do what? . The "What if" disease. The worst kind of thinking is fear of failure."

    Action, not thinking, is how we achieve results. Should I turn my body this way or should it be the other way? Okay, now I have to trap the assailments arms, tighten my fists, pull back, and strike." and watch your dreams and goals cascade toward you.. Ask a person who flawlessly types over 70 words a minute to think about the key strokes, and you could probably watch the mistakes pile up. Thinking can hinder success. Socrates, one of the greatest "thinkers" of all time, said, "Action equals knowledge.

    Take playing the piano for instance. "What if I fail? What if people laugh at me? What if I lose all my money? What if, what if, what if? Guess what, it will happen if you think that way, because the Law of Attraction does not analyse if it is a positive or negative you are thinking about - it will attract it in your life anyway. If you were to ask an accomplished pianist to think about what they are playing in the middle of a rapturous concert, the music would probably fall apart into a series of painfully disconnected notes. Of course this is not what happens in the martial arts. But many of us get so tangled in thoughts that we can't get out of our "heads" and take the action required for success... Thinking hinders execution. The time will never be perfect. We need to get out of the prison of our mind. This will never happen. There is a mantra in the martial arts that says "Ready, Fire, Aim". This book inspired many people who changed their lives dramaticaly.In spite of the mind's tenancy to analyze the situation. It is quite probable that many businesses never get out of the starting gate because of over-thinking and over analyzing. The key teaching in the martial arts is to ACT.

    Simply put, this means take action and correct that action as you go. When those pesky thoughts creep up, and they will, scare them away with the mantra, "Don't think, don't think, don't think, don't think. True it is a fantastic book and a must read for success minded people. The key is to get started and then "keep on keeping on. When struck by fear, move.

    That's right, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Conversely, movement overcomes fear. What is the bottom line? Don't think but GROW RICH.. The fact of the matter is we can intellectualize all we want, but until we take action we will never accomplish anything. Most Hanging Door Roller people want all their ducks to be lined up in a row before they begin. They train their bodies to transcend thought and take action in the moment. It stops the movement necessary for success. Do something! So, don't wait to explore your entrepreneurial spirit; take action now. Imagine a trained martial artist getting attacked on the street thinking, "Hmm, okay I'm being attacked. Fear weakens our resolve, cripples our creativity, and ultimately stagnates our successes.