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  • While the task of accreditation is long, expensive and harsh, the range of incentives created by the Russian government to ensure the development of foreign investment makes Falken’s decision to commit to a long term involvement with the country understandable.

    Falken who is a patient and conservative investor, makes a business of selecting developing market based and globally integrated competitive economies. Falken will join the ranks of the likes of Novartis, DivX, Solagran, Ze Poly and Plastic Logic who have located R&D centers there.Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet regime and now faces challenges in changing from its oil and gas economy to becoming a leading country in the fields of high tech and modern production.

    Falken’s biotechnologies and advanced materials also directly address Russian interest. Assembly plants which Falken products are designed to supply, boasts the presence of Fiat, Isuzu, and most spectacularly the joint venture to build the Ford Explorer ! This speaks of the evolution of the markets which are the essence of Falken product http://www.hongchengtm.net/product/aluminum-foil-for-air-duct/pet/ Pet Aluminum Foil conceptions, the best known of which are the Clean Plus® branded lines. With production facilities in proximity Falken presents a key advantage for the 24 new industrial economic zones and their occupants, and notably for the Alabuga Industrial Zone in the republic of Tatarstan which has been dubbed the “Russian Detroit”. All of this spells huge market potential for Falken Industries’ products, notably professional and industrial chemicals and wipes, and as a result of a growing middle class by its increasingly present consumer markets. As a reliable partner FLKI creates chemistry to help distributors and retailers in virtually all industries to be more successful.

    Falken (trading symbol FLKI) whose presence in Russia dates to before 2007 is not ignoring this stimulating market. Falken Industries Ltd is the concept behind more than 160 products distributed through a network of global platforms and the recipient of trade awards for innovations, biodegradability and environmental and health quality standards. Falken has had resounding successes in attracting consumer and professional brand loyalties in all of the so-called BRIC and is projecting with great optimism its business development in Russia.
    . This reputation fits perfectly with Russian ambitions of attracting companies involved in the automotive and parts, machinery, construction materials, chemicals and others.

    Falken Industries Ltd OTC : FLKI is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in Chemicals, Wet Wipe and Biodegradable Technology.

    One of the key reasons for Falken’s optimism other than what it considers and may in fact be a favored status for its products and brands is the Russian government’s decision to focus on development, and the range of incentives to the businesses that choose to do business there. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, FLKI plays an important role in finding answers to global challenges such as environmental protection, energy efficiency, and mobility. Falken is well known for its industrial capacities, innovations, development and high end product conceptions in the vehicular care, industrial, and disinfection area.

    Since 2007 Falken has believed that long term thinking and investment in the BRIC and notably Russia would have a multi-benefit effect. The presence stimulates and modernizes growing markets for Falken’s industrial capacities and in the case of Russia, a wonderful opportunity to expand its business in one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. Its product concepts carry fully accredited Russian language product lines. Falken’s innovation, scientific and research centers will likely soon embrace the talents of Russian leading universities and R&D institutes located near these industrial zones accessing in the process highly educated and skilled professionals to meet Falken’s needs
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While the task of accreditation is long


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