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  • Bring Native customs and traditions to life in your home by decorating with authentic, handmade Indian baskets. Pine baskets are more commonly found in the mountains where pine trees are prevalent, but are smaller than the yucca baskets and not as durable. Sometimes the leaves are run back and forth on a rough stone to dull the sharp edges before the basket is started. At first, baskets were made by Native Americans as a way to carry valued things like food, clothing, animal hides, blankets and even water. Baskets serve many functions in the daily lives of the Native Indians and are a source of economic survival for the people. It is easy to buy southwestern style baskets online and in stores that sell chic, rustic and country style interior design accessories. These days, Tribes still use baskets in their houses and dwellings to keep their things clean and organized. Unlike pottery, baskets were strong and would not break.

    There are different types of Indian baskets and each Tribe has their own styles of basket making.Indian baskets have a unique purpose and place in the culture of Native Americans. The petaca is another style of weave used generally in the canyon regions, and is rounded and often double woven. Even if you dont have the chance http://www.jiaxu-plastichanger.com/product/plastic-hanger/ abs antislip hanger to see basket weaving first-hand and choose a beautiful basket of your own, you can still enjoy a piece of this American Indian art form. I like using these hand-crafted baskets to bring southwestern style to my home. As you read about basket weaving, you will learn that in many Native American Tribes, women are the ones in charge of basket making and are taught as young girls from their mothers. The guari type, the most commonly used weave among the Tarahumara in the mountain region of Northern Mexico, is curned at the top, somewhat square, and consists of four defined corners at the bottom. Baskets made of Yucca are very popular and are made in different shapes and sizes.

    There are many types of weaving designs Indian Tribes use to make baskets that vary among Tribes. Indian baskets, made by Tribes like the Pueblo, Apache, Navajo and Tarahumara are famous for their beautiful, handmade designs and intricate styles. Hundreds of years ago, Native American Tribes changed locations often and had to design ways to protect their belongings while still being able to move them quickly.

    As you will see, Indian baskets not only work wonderfully as rustic decorating accessories, but they are also very practical. There are generally two types of woven baskets made by this Tribe, yucca or sotol as it is also known, and baskets made of pine needles.

    Native Indian baskets come in various types, patterns and colors depending on the Tribe and the place where it is made. Southwestern, Native Indian baskets are some of the most sought-after in the world and are considered a true art form. It is incredible when you begin reading the history of Native basket making and find that basket use actually began hundreds of years ago and is one of the oldest forms of art known in Indigenous history. They also serve as a way for many Indian families to make a living, and play an important role in Indian events and tribal rituals, such as wedding ceremonies, and in rights of passage ceremonies. The making of these baskets is truly amazing and is very remarkable to watch.
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Bring Native customs and traditions


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